Friday, April 18, 2014

Education Minister: Toughest Sanctions, Can JIS kindergarten Permit Revoked

Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh said, giving sanction to kindergarten JIS depending on the level of negligence and kecorobohan.

Whatever his name, said Noah, sanctions from the mildest to the most severe level in accordance with the results of the investigation later.

"The most severe sanction of license revocation for school kindergarten JIS internasioanal license in ministry, we coordinate with the district / city or province," he said.

Schools, bright Noah, not enough doing educational services alone but are obligated to protect the safety of students. Moreover this case, the victim children.

Actually, Noah said, there is no direct relationship between the school and pay for expensive school associated with the harassment free.

It is the responsibility of the school principal, teachers and foundations are managing. This case, Noah said, shocking the world of education.
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This relation also with international, even though internasioanal school can not protect children.


Investigators were Visited PPP office FPI

The head office of the United Development Party visited by a group of people who claim to be supporters of AD / ART PPP , Friday , 18 April 2014 . Fact , tonight ongoing daily board meeting to discuss a coalition of PPP - posed Gerindra PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali .

Monitoring headline , dozens of people came to the office on Jalan Diponegoro , Jakarta , approximately at 21:45 . According to the information gathered, they came from Bogor area . They repeatedly shouted Takbir .

" We saw a television show , which aired always muddle ( party ) , " said Chairman of the Boarding School Assembly Hall Taklim Rombeng , Agus Rahmat .
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Sympathizers of the Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) was admitted sad because the PPP split . He also felt embarrassed because the party was labeled as the oldest party can not settle its internal problems .

" In the household , this commotion so disgrace , " he said .

Then , the party deplored the chaotic internal party . Agus worried the party could not deliver the mandate of the people when it's broken . " We love this party . We love the Kaaba . , " He said .

Agus was hoping the chaotic party can be muted . " May be reconciliation , " he said .

About fifteen minutes later , the group departed from Citayam , Depok , it was leaving the location while reciting salawat . ( adi )


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It is He, Smartwatch Indonesian First Kitkat

Speedup has officially presented its smartwatch devices in Indonesia . This device is claimed to be the first smart watches with the Android operating system Kitkat in Indonesia .

The device was first introduced in the mat Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , February 24, 2014 . On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , the device was officially launched in Indonesia .

Rahmat Widjaja Sakti , Product and Marketing Director of PT Speedup Technology , said wearable device has become one of the priorities for 2014 Speedup this business . " We believe customers will be excited to have this SmartWatch , " he said during the launch at Senayan City , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

This first generation Smartwatch speedup using MIPS -based processor by imagination . The operating system is Android 4.4 Kitkat . Speedup Smartwatch has a 1.54 inch screen tempered full multitouch technology and is equipped with IP57 Water Resistant .

" In Indonesia, it often rains , we do not want the user smartwatch if it rains , cook ' wrapped ' first hour ? Smartwatch That 's why anti - water , but not to wear a swim , " said Typhoon Wijaya Sakti , Sales Director of PT . Speedup Technology .

Speedup Smartwatch have common functions such as display time , calendar , alarm , timer and weather , When the smartphone is connected to the device , it could lead to a push notification to see the notifications of incoming calls , SMS , E - mail , chat applications such as BBM , WhatsApp or Line , and social media applications like Facebook and Twitter .

The device was connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and Speedup Smartwatch special applications that run on mobile phones . Smartwatch for mobile application can be downloaded at Google Play Store , Samsung Apps , LG Smart World , Nokia X Store , and Apple's App Store ( currently still awaiting approval from Apple ) .

Other applications are available at the Fitness Tracker Speedup Smartwatch is ( to monitor the number of steps , calories and distance traveled ) , Sleep ( to monitor the quality of sleep ) and the Find My Phone feature that can be used to turn on the sound on the phone connected to this smartwatch .
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Speedup SmartWatch will be sold at a price range of Rp . 1.5 million . This device will be available through leading retailers and online at various online sales of their partners .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Son of Amien Rais Not Know about USD 510 million and Attributes PAN

House of Representatives candidate of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hanafi Rais , present to meet the call Bawaslu Yogyakarta , on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) at around 14:00 pm . Rais 's eldest son was called to provide clarifications related to the findings of Rp 510 million cash and in PAN attributes raid , April 6 .

"Want to win a lot of it is sometimes the exam . Earlier I linked Bawaslu clarified by the findings that money, " Hanafi said when met at the office Bawaslu DIY .

According to the statement , there are about 20 questions posed to him . In front of a team of commissioners , Hanafi claimed not to know anything related to the origin of money amounting to Rp 510 million netted in raids in Wonosari some time ago . In fact , he was shocked that there is a complete voice mail with your name and a photo of himself in the Avanza car that carries money .

"Earlier I said , the point I do not have any business with the findings of the police , " he said .

As a candidate , he continued , Hanafi asserted that he has his own way to victory . Team success during this helps people who are known and have emotional ties .

" There is no pay - pay system . Equity me in victory as the candidate is close to the voters , not as alleged money politics , " he said .

According to him , the excessive is when there is no evidence of a material fact of law , he became a victim of opinion , whether imposed by political opponents and election organizers .
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" Instead , if there is no legal facts and material evidence , do not bring up the specific allegations . Because , frankly detrimental to what we've been doing , " he said .


Democrat Drops, Megawati Predicted So King Maker Coalition

Indonesian Parliament Concerned Citizens Forum ( Formappi ) judge , king maker coalition for the 2014 presidential election is the Chairman of the PDIP 's Megawati Sukarnoputri . In addition to Mega , Golkar Party Chairman or Ical Bakrie has also been named as the uncertain direction of the coalition .

Megawati became king maker , according to Chief Formappi Sebastian Salang , because in addition to being Chairman of the PDIP , Mega also not running for president . Additionally PDIP highest vote totals in legislative elections .

" I think that the 2014 presidential election Megawati coalition king maker , and the direction in Megawati's political map , with its cadres that he was appointed to a presidential candidate . He was reliable and very mentukan decision plus PDIP become winner of the election , " he said in Menteng , Central Jakarta, Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

In addition, continued Sebastian , persona Megawati still respected the other party . " Another party will consider the stature Mega yes , he was the life of the PDI-P , " he said .

As for why Ical be called a coalition king maker in the 2014 presidential election , obviously Sebastian , because Golkar as the second winner has powerful politicians in Indonesia . Despite the party exposed to a variety of cases .

"Now on the other axis king maker this time the presence of election Golkar in the Ical . Golkar political game still determines our government despite losing Ical nyapres or later , solid sound and powerful politicians in the presence of Golkar , " said Sebastian .
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" We see the government of SBY , Golkar huge influence , especially in the regions. Ranked Golkar also in every election was never thrown from the big 3 . "

Then if SBY has no effect anymore on the 2014 Presidential Election ? Ruhut Sitompul called as professor of doctoral coalition .

" If SBY is no longer significant because of her voice ( Democrats ) is not maximal , and as the Democratic Party central board now . Unless the Democratic coalition with Gerindra and it happens and it's coalition won the election , may be . But it seems that the coalition had not the king maker in SBY again , "said Sebastian .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Emir Moeis Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Former member of House of Representatives Commission VIII Izederik Emir Moeis sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of Rp150 million subsidiary three months confinement . The judges said the PDI-P 's senior politicians for receiving gratification from the construction project steam power plant ( power plant) EVAL in Lampung in 2004.

" Passing , said Emir Moeis Izederik defendant legally and convincingly proven guilty of corruption charges as a second alternative , namely Article 11 of Law No. 31 Year 1999 on Eradication of Corruption Act , as amended by Law No. 20 of 2001 , " said Chairman Matheus Samiadji panel of judges at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Monday, April 14, 2014 .
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In decisions , there is a dissenting opinion or the opinion of two members perbendaan judges . Judge members 1 and 2 did not assess the defendant's actions meet the elements of Article 12 letter b with the threat of at least 4 years in prison and a maximum of 20 years in prison

" The defendant did not perform the function of oversight but otherwise at the request of the President Director of Pacific Resources Inc. . , Pirooz Muhammad Sharafih and promised fee received by the consortium of PT Alstom Power , " said Judge Afiantara .

The judge continued , although Pirooz is not effective in the implementation of the consultant but Pirooz still paid to the value of 1 per cent , because the defendant had received U.S. $ 423,985 with interest of PT Alstom Power Incorporate ( Alstom Power Inc. ) United States and Marubeni Incorporate Japanese , then the defendant is proven as a member of the House of Representatives VIII commission has done is contrary to the obligation of the defendant receiving money for goods and services from other parties .

" So Article 12 paragraph b fulfilled , " said Judge Afiantara .
However , the Chief Justice stated Matheus Samiadji majority of judges still declared the defendant guilty of violating Article 11 of the Law on corruption.
In the verdict , the panel consider the aggravating and relieve the defendant . That burden , the defendant did not support the government's efforts in eradicating corruption , the defendant actually utilize his position as a board member for committing corruption . The defendant does not support corruption-free culture and good governance .

" The ease , defendant served a member of Parliament in the third period , has not been convicted , there is still a dependent , and heart disease , " said the judge .

Against this decision , the defendant Emir Moeis and Legal Counsel stated to think about it . Similarly, the public prosecutor .


Solomon Earthquake Impact Not Up to Indonesia

7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Solomon Islands , at approximately 19:36 pm . Olympics Meteorological and Geophysics Agency ( BMKG ) not disseminate tsunami warnings to the earthquake .

Head of Data Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management ( BNPB ) , Sutopo Purwo Nugroho , said that based on the analysis of BMKG , there is no impact to the tsunami of Indonesia.

" Although the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center ( PTWC ) provides information that the earthquake caused a tsunami is likely to have an impact locally around the epicenter is Solomon , Vanuatu , and Papua New Guinea . Society urged calm and not panic , " said Sutopo via text message to Okezone Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

Sutopo continued , BMKG and BNPB will always convey information related to the earthquake and tsunami officially . " Earthquakes can not be predicted . However , able to convey information BMKG earthquake and tsunami prediction five minutes after the earthquake , " he said .
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Development of Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System ( InaTEWS ) , said Sutopo , the Indonesian government is still underway . So is the case with the implementation of the Master Plan for tsunami risk reduction was performed .

" Development of structural mitigation is relatively easier to perform than the expected cultural communities more prepared for disasters , " he said .

Sutopo admitted , the public's knowledge about the current disaster has increased . " However , not to be a cultural behavior and in anticipation of a disaster , " due diligence.